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Give Your AI a 3D Home on the Web

Instructor will introduce each topic area, provide interactive demo, and coordinate breakout hands-on session with teams and individuals. There are eight topics.

  1. Start with an idea for a game or simulation.
  2. Consider the information architecture of different game designs.
  3. Review user input and device events.
  4. Open up a template 3D scene with lights, camera and a grid.
  5. Start adding geometry and data to the scene with functions and objects.
  6. Add an animated model and program it to interact with the environment.
  7. Get personal help designing and building your project for data, logic and animation functions.
  8. Optionally you can share your playable demo at then tape a show-and-tell for youtube.


  • Learn how to turn your idea into a working prototype.
  • Plan and build a demo showcasing 3D and A.I. on the web.
  • Get the code and the confidence to continue developing your project.
  • Developers will take away template code AR/VR shortcuts, and rapid prototyping process steps.

Attendee Skill Level: Be comfortable editing JavaScript and debugging with the browser console. Know the basics: variables, loops, and conditional statements.

GIS, Data Science & Python

GIS, Data Science & Python – Using python modules to explore and evaluate information and data with a geographical component. Basic GIS and machine learning modules will be introduced and applied to a geographical problem using open data.


  • Understand basic GIS and machine learning modules useful in python.
  • How to execute basic exploration of geographical data.
  • Some tips on using GIS modules.

Attendee skill level: Some basic understanding of python and programming. I can devote the first minutes helping people install the needed modules.

James Mathewson

James Mathewson is the Program Director, Content Strategy and Platforms. His job is to build the ecosystem for enterprise content management, including taxonomy, ontology, content planning, publishing, and optimization. He has 20 years of experience in web editorial, content strategy, and SEO for large and small companies. A frequent speaker, lecturer and blogger, James has published more than 1600 articles and two books on how web technology and user experience change the nature of effective content. James has two advanced degrees on related subjects from the University of Minnesota.

Kamran Ayub

Kamran Ayub is a full-stack engineer living in Minneapolis, MN. He has been in the industry since 2006 in roles spanning front-end design to infrastructure support. He is well-versed in web technologies and loves to work with both JavaScript and .NET stacks. His passion for impeccable UX, clean code, maintainable software architecture, and his range of ability have allowed him to wear many different hats throughout his career. He loves speaking at conferences and teaching others through his Pluralsight courses. He is a core contributor on the Excalibur.js team, a hobbyist game developer, the creator of Keep Track of My Games, and a maintainer on several open source projects. Besides coding, Kamran is an avid gamer and loves to spend time with his family. You can keep up with him on

Amy Grace Wells

Amy Grace is a content strategist and UX designer with nearly 15 years of experience in higher ed, publishing, and nonprofit. She holds master’s degress in higher education and user experience design.

Her experiences include leading content strategy at University of South Carolina and Texas A&M AgriLife, where she directed content strategy, information architecture, and social media for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and five state agencies. She served as an expert reviewer for “Content Strategy for WordPress,” published in 2015. Bragging rights include holding a sensei rank in karate and singing happy birthday to Muhammad Ali.

Terrance Schubring

Terrance Schubring’s interest in innovation and creating the future began when he saw the movie, 2001 – A Space Odyssey. It inspired him to program adventure games on an Atari 800. Much later, he continued working with technology as an interactive media producer at University of Minnesota’s College of Continuing Education. Next he developed mobile apps. His many app projects included original games such as Railroad Train and client titles such as Sketch-By-Step in the Apple and Android app stores.

Keita Broadwater

Operations and Finance Leader with Data Science, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning Specialization.

Henry Megarry

Henry is a software developer at Thomson Reuters doing mostly DevOps. He loves learning new technologies and that coupled with a passion for video games led him to VR game development.

Martha Megarry

Martha is a software developer, designer, and artist. In addition to VR prototypes she is currently working on a point and click adventure game and is co-host of the game development podcast Nice Games Club.

David Schlotfeldt

David is co-founder of Plaudit Design. With 20 years of experience, and locations in Minneapolis and NYC, the Plaudit team has helped an impressive list of national clients redefine their digital presence and harness the web to achieve their business goals.

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