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Automated Browser Testing in JavaScript

Workshop scheduled at 1:00-4:00 in Room 2 (Swain)

Manually testing your website after every change is a pain, but setting up a test automation tool can be even worse. Instead of struggling through Java, what if you could just use JavaScript? WebdriverIO makes automated testing friendly by providing a NodeJS interface for Selenium-based testing.

This workshop will dive deep in to WebdriverIO, an open-source library used for Selenium testing. We’ll cover all the steps to get started writing automated browser tests.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Install and run WebdriverIO test scripts
  • Understand the layers of automated browser testing
  • Be able to integrate tests with third-party tools like Jenkins and Sauce Labs
  • Have a solid list of next steps for implementing testing on their projects

Attendee Skill Level:

  • Basic Node.JS
  • Intermediate Javascript
  • Basic command line

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Presented By

Kevin Lamping

Kevin Lamping

Kevin Lamping is a Front-end Engineering Consultant. He helps organize Hill Country JS, a front-end meetup in San Antonio and runs the Parent Programming podcast. In his free-time, when he’s not playing with his kids, Kevin dabbles in tabletop gaming, piano and gardening.

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