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Behavioral Insights for A Better Web

Session scheduled at 9:30-10:20 in Room 3 (Ski-U-Mah)

Creating something that is easy to use is not the same as creating something valuable that people want to use. To create something people will keep coming back to, it is important to understand why they do what they do – their conscious and subconscious motivations – and the factors that can influence a choice, a preference, or an action.

Behavioral science offers answers to these questions and provides the foundation for any targeted research your company may undertake. A solid understanding of behavioral science can help us design better interfaces, build better products, and improve the overall experience of (and value to) our customers.

You’ll learn about universal aspects of human behavior and how they apply to the digital world. We will talk about steps other companies have taken to incorporate behavioral science into their own work, and give you tips on how you can do the same. In short, you will leave with actionable insights that will influence how you approach your work, and be provided with direction on where to go to learn more about the topic.

Steve, Trystan, and Emily are passionate about behavioral science and wanted to create a place where people could go to learn more about it. In May 2015, they started Behavior MN, a cross-functional meetup for people in the Twin Cities who want to build a practical understanding of behavioral science.

Presented By

Steven Bayer

Steve spent most of the past ten years in healthcare, working first for Kaiser Permanente and then locally for HealthPartners. He recently left HealthPartners to start his own company focused on helping small companies compete with bigger competitors. His work is focused on service design and building products that provide value to the people who use them.

Trystan Hansen

Trystan holds a BA in both health education and exercise science and an MS in exercise science and health promotion. She is a certified health and fitness specialist, personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and wellness coach. Work with Mayo Clinic, BlueCross BlueShield, and HealthPartners provided product development experience but also allowed her to work “in the weeds” with clients and individuals. A fascination with behavior change””constantly searching for effective strategies to encourage higher quality living””continues to fascinate and motivate her.

Emily McAuliffe

Emily is VP of Strategy & UX at Clockwork, a digital agency that builds business applications that connect companies with their customers on the web, and in mobile and physical environments. She works with a team of content strategists, user-experience architects, and analysts to help clients – from startups to Fortune 50s – make sense of, and make the most of, digital media and digital tools.