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Building Advanced Experiences with Simple Accessibility Solutions

Session scheduled at 2:30-3:20 in Room 1 (Johnson)

An introduction to web accessibility often begins with simple rules that are easy to follow: add alt tags to images, structure websites with headings, provide multiple options for performing a task, and ensure proper color contrast. As engineers and designers explore accessibility further, the rules can be perceived as more involved, often to a daunting degree, and deeper experiences are either stripped down to a minimalist, “accessible” version or bogged down with unnecessarily complex solutions. While some deeper experiences can require a more involved approach to accessibility, many can be made accessible simply by following introductory accessibility practices.

Target is committed to making our digital experiences accessible regardless of complexity. Learn how we used simple solutions to create a three-dimensional shopping experience, where guests can browse and purchase home furniture in a virtual environment, accessible to all our guests.


There is an all-too-common fear in the digital space that accessibility hinders innovation. The three-dimensional shoppable experience demonstrates otherwise. Designers can make new, revolutionary experiences accessible to many more users by breaking an experience into its component parts, understanding the information essential to navigating the environment, and applying common accessibility practices.

Attendee Skill Level: This session would be useful to designers and UX professionals with an introductory knowledge of accessibility.

Ryan Strunk and Sana Baig

Presented By

Ryan Strunk

Ryan Strunk

Ryan Strunk has spent the past five years at Target, where he has worked to make many of Target’s digital experiences accessible. He has been actively involved in Cartwheel, the Target registry, and the launch of the adaptive release of Currently he serves as a consultant for Target’s flagship app team.

Ryan is a passionate advocate for accessibility. He serves on the board of directors for BLIND Inc., is the president of the National Federation of the Blind of Minnesota’s Metro Chapter, and he has provided accessibility consultation for YMCA Twin Cities.

Sana Baig

Sana Baig

Sr. Accessibility Consultant at Target.