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Code Reviews: That’s a Great Idea!

Session scheduled at 10:30-11:20 in Room 1 (Johnson)

We all know that code reviews are beneficial. We’ve been told time and time again that they should be part of our development process. But – like most best practices – a practical implementation is challenging (and time consuming). Your team is convinced they are a great idea. You’ll have an opportunity to squash bugs in the least costly of development times, learn new things from your talented teammates, and build a stronger foundation of trust. Awesome. Everyone is on board. But now what? What tools are out there? What are you actually looking for? How often should the reviews happen? In this talk, you’ll get a practical guide to making code reviews effective. Whether you’re the reviewer or reviewee: there are ways to make sure this really is a great idea.

Presented By

Amy Hammond

Amy Hammond

Amy is an extroverted Web Application Developer with a traditional Computer Science background and a passion for technology, people, and breaking stereotypes. She shares the same “built my first site in Notepad” story as most of her colleagues and is a self-proclaimed geek with an interest in all things tech. With a history of hybrid roles, Amy has managed to avoid choosing between the front-end and the back-end – allowing her to establish a skill-set ranging from PHP to CSS to MySQL to JavsScript. When she led the legacy application rewrite of one of Fisdap’s flagship products, she discovered the natural high sparked by clean, commented, well-organized code.

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