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DIY Usability — Planning, Prototyping, and Facilitating Your Own Usability Study

Workshop scheduled at 8:30-11:30 in Room 1 (Johnson)

You’ve probably heard someone mention “User Experience” in the process of product development. Do you have the expertise, time, or money to include it in your process? Yes! We’ll show you the basics and then you’ll conduct your very own usability study. If you’ve never observed a usability study in the past, watching this video is recommended to get the basics of what this workshop will cover.

Upon completion of this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the basics of usability and user experience to others
  • Establish clear research goals
  • Make changes quickly using paper prototypes
  • Ask neutral questions
  • Identify issues based on direct observation

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Presented By

Nick Rosencrans

Nick Rosencrans is a user experience analyst at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Today, Nick helps people across the university gather end-user feedback on projects big and small. His experience as an IT professional has given him the ability to uncover issues that hold leaders back from their goals. He helps them meet their users, confront assumptions, and apply feedback to make changes. Along the way he’s learned that some issues can’t be solved with changing the product itself. So he’s learning to explore team dynamics, and assess how organizational problems affect people. Outside of work, Nick is always on the lookout for a nice day to ride a bicycle. He also enjoys a nice cup of tea.

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David Rosen

David Rosen

David Rosen has worked in user experience at the University of Minnesota as either analyst or manager for 11 years. Rosen’s experience in both front-line work and management has uniquely connected him to an understanding of end-users, design teams, and the strategic thinking of leadership at the University. Rosen’s role is to assist teams on campus with their efforts to understand and serve the University of Minnesota community. He develops and leads the execution of formal and informal projects between these teams and their end users. Rosen co-teaches a half-day user experience training course at the University on a semesterly basis to help those working in web design to involve users in their work. He is also responsible for the maintenance, scheduling, and use of a world-class usability lab.

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