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Enjoy Working with People by Controlling the Only Thing You Can

Session scheduled at 9:30-10:20 in Room 1 (Johnson)

Sometimes our work would be a lot easier if it weren’t for those darn people, right? Or at least maybe we’d enjoy it more.

Hearing snippy comments, receiving tough feedback, and sidestepping hard conversations can get in the way of our flow and drain us. But human interaction is part of the job, and the success of our ideas and what we deliver is defined by our ability to manage these relations (and our own reactions).

Let’s get together to identify the situations that deflate our energy so we can better understand how to maintain our stamina. Then, let’s head back to work feeling in control of how we choose to carry ourselves and carry out our work.

You’ll walk away with ideas on how to:

  • React to challenging criticism or feedback
  • Conduct difficult conversations
  • Adjust to new roles or team members
  • Let go of losing battles
  • Not take blame and apologize for the wrong things
  • Retain personal energy and worth

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Presented By

Kelsey Lundberg

Kelsey Lynn Lundberg is an independent web strategist working in the Twin Cities. She loves bringing editorial strategy, people process, and technology together to help organizations and individuals create and support a meaningful web presence. She’s worked with everyone from small businesses to large organizations, all the while pursuing her mission to make the web usable, navigable, and delightful.

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Erik Gruber

Erik Gruber is an independent writer, storyteller, and web strategist who lives and works in the Twin Cities. He’s partnered with universities, marketing agencies, large organizations, and startups to help them share their story, create useful websites, and (hopefully) have a little more fun.

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