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Google Analytics 101

Session scheduled at 1:30-2:20 in Room 3 (Ski-U-Mah)

Who needs to care about Google Analytics? EVERYONE. At the outset, analytics seem like something only marketers care about, right? Wrong.

Every organization on the face of this planet has one thing in common: growth. Growth is measurable. And with websites, we can attribute growth to a variety of attributes. Did we sell more product/receive more donations from our promoted Facebook posts, our promoted tweets, or from our e-newsletters? Even if a website can’t measure revenue, it should be doing something to grow the organization, or the website/app doesn’t need to exist.

Strategists and User Experience Architects should care about analytics and start thinking about how their proposed user flows will lead to conversions (i.e. what’s the path of least resistance?). Front-end developers should care because they way they write code will affect implementation of Universal Analytics or Google Tag Manager.

People attending this seminar will come away with a basic understanding of Google Analytics (and how Classic differs from Universal), how Google Tag Manager differs from Google Analytics, and some key reports that everyone should know about. Mostly because they’ll impress your boss.

Presented By

Ruth Rosengren

Ruth Rosengren

Ruth is a senior project manager and analyst at Clockwork with a defining curiosity about how things work. So much so that she’s asked for access to a client’s database just to better understand their data. Her past gigs in teaching and linguistics have been unexpectedly helpful in doing her job. Teaching helps her to read a room quickly and switch gears easily. Linguistics has taught her to break down an issue into smaller parts to better understand it as a whole.

She likes to quote Einstein when looking at problems: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” In non-working hours, you can find Ruth in the garden, on a bike, or reading a book.

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