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Help I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up: Tackling Vertigo in VR

Session scheduled at 3:30-4:20 in Room 3 (Ski-U-Mah)

Movement in VR when not at roomscale is tricky and can often cause motion sickness in players. Siblings Martha and Henry Megarry will go through their experiments with different input techniques for the HTC Vive in their quest to solve this problem. They’ll talk about their successes and failures of using virtual ski poles to fly, using a Dance Dance Revolution mat as a controller and more! Try out their creations at the end of the talk (equipment/space permitting.)

Takeaways: Attendees will learn about what works and what doesn’t work for movement in VR. They will gain inspiration and techniques that they can use in their own VR projects.

Attendee Skill Level: Minimal- we will be showing/explaining everything we are talking about

Presented By

Martha Megarry

Martha is a software developer, designer, and artist. In addition to VR prototypes she is currently working on a point and click adventure game and is co-host of the game development podcast Nice Games Club.

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Henry Megarry

Henry is a software developer at Thomson Reuters doing mostly DevOps. He loves learning new technologies and that coupled with a passion for video games led him to VR game development.