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How is Artificial Intelligence Affecting Our Experience With Social Media?

Session scheduled at 3:30-4:20 in Room 2 (Swain)

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a key role in various business sectors, and now it’s colliding with the social media marketing. If you don’t combine artificial intelligence in your social media marketing strategy, then you’re likely to fail to get any return from your campaign because the competitor will be using AI to gain competitive advantage. Let’s talk about ways we can use AI to gain brand awareness on social media through slack bots, facial recognition, customer service, and data usage. What machines are good at, humans are not and vice versa, which is why using AI in Social Media will give businesses a better understanding around a prospects thought pattern.

Takeaways: Key outcomes and takeaways include making sure the audience understands that if they get a head start on leveraging AI for marketing and business purposes they will be well ahead of the competition, teaching on different ways to incorporate AI into business and marketing strategies, as well as being able to discuss how AI can boost customer engagement, sales, and make for better business opportunities, as well as cutting down on overhead costs.

Attendee Skill Level: All levels are welcome especially entrepreneurs, people looking to raise brand awareness on social media or learn how to turn the use of AI into money.

Presented By

Brianna McCullough

My name is Brianna McCullough and I am originally from Detroit, Mi and I currently reside in Minneapolis, MN working at 3M as a technical support engineer. In the community I am the community and events coordinator for Graveti MN, as well as a routine tutor at the Reve Academy in southeast Minneapolis. My hobbies include all things technology, artificial intelligence, reading, and community service. I hold a degree in Computer Science and I have thoroughly enjoyed my career in the medical device industry.

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