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Lessons Learned Teaching at a Development Bootcamp

Session scheduled at 10:30-11:20 in Room 1 (Johnson)

Teaching at an intensive development bootcamp yields a wealth of insights in terms of how new learners approach development. While some may feel any educational approach will work for learning development, the truth is, is that the needs of people learning development for the first time differ greatly. Additionally, the needs may not be what you think they are.

In this session, Scott Bromander will share his lessons learned from teaching at Prime Digital Academy, an 18 week program designed to take people learning development for the first time, and position them for day one on the job effectiveness as software engineers. Scott will tackle some of the difficulties faced such as Imposter Syndrome and attaining stronger proficiencies in development quickly.

Those who already have established history as developers will walk away with insights on how to become a more effective mentor. They will have a better understanding of how people new to development approach problems, what struggles they may be facing, and what their needs in learning development are.

Those new to development will have a stronger ability to put into words what challenges they are facing. They will be better equipped to move through struggles they may be experiencing. Finally, they will have a grasp on how to continue to grow and flourish in their development career.

Solidify your approaches by cutting through some of the most challenging aspects of learning development by attending this session. See you there!

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Presented By

Scott Bromander

Scott Bromander, a Minnesota native, is the Director of Instruction at Prime Digital Academy. Prior to embarking on Prime Digital Academy, Scott was a developer for The Nerdery, where he lead teams of developers to build interactive projects for companies like Target, Sony Entertainment, and Best Buy. Additionally, while working at The Nerdery, Scott taught for Sanford Brown for 5 years, writing Curriculum and Instructing courses in their Game Production, Web Development, and Animation programs.

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