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Salary Negotiation for Women in Tech

Session scheduled at 3:30-4:20 in Room 3 (Ski-U-Mah)

I am excited to share the ins and outs of negotiating salary from the first job offer, to one you’ve had for some time, and will cover both consulting gigs and full time employment. This is a subject that I, and other women in tech, feel very passionately about. We may be savvy developers, but we don’t always know how to approach a negotiating table. We aren’t sure what we should ask for or how we should ask for it- and overwhelmingly, we just don’t ask for more than we’re offered. We see the effect this has on women from their first job- if women don’t negotiate the first job offer, we make less on subsequent raises, and then our next employer bases the next offer on our salary history, and we’re beat.

I want all of my session attendees to walk away with tools to understand their value in the marketplace, have some techniques to get what they deserve, and the guts to go do it!

Attendee skill level: Ideally, this talk is for people at the beginning or middle of their careers.

Presented By

Ashley Quinto Powell

Ashley Quinto Powell

Ashley has been in technical consulting sales for 10 years, and is the Business Development Manager for Bendyworks in Madison, WI. She is a Co-Organizer of the Madison Women in Tech, and an Ambassador to the Doyenne Group, which helps female entrepreneurs. When not at Bendyworks, she be found at home- painting, crafting, cooking and toddler-wrangling.

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