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Signs of the Times: What Road Signs Taught Me About Web Design

Session scheduled at 2:30-3:20 in Room 2 (Swain)

It’s amazing what the physical world can teach us about the digital landscape. Good (and lasting) design is all around us, even in things we take for granted. The classic and ubiquitous design of road signs, for example. This talk draws on the lessons learned during the creation of the road sign system in the 1950s and how those decades-old lessons can be applied to web design today. We’ll look beyond the digital world (read: web) for design inspiration and embracing tried and tested UX and design methodologies/principles when designing/building.

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Presented By

Duncan Jimbo

Born and raised in Kenya, Duncan Jimbo is a front-end developer based in St. Louis, Mo. Curious and creatively motivated, he finds great satisfaction in using technology to make the web a more delightful place to work and play. In addition to being a programmer and problem-solver, he also loves the teaching and learning opportunities that come from collaboration. Outside of work, Duncan enjoys taking road trips and sharing his latest brew — the finest Kenyan tea this side of the Mississippi.

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