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Silo-busting Innovation

Workshop scheduled at 8:30-11:30 in Room 2 (Swain)

So, you’ve got a problem worth solving or an insightful solution, but your efforts are plagued with constant starts and stops, completely stall out, or you’re even shut down before you start. Innovating across roles and departments is often marred with miscommunication, disconnection, and frustration, resulting in “moving targets”, project teams not knowing who’s doing what, and, ultimately, abandonment.

What if you could turn this essential innovation collaboration from a pain to a strength? Join us for Silo-busting Innovation, a collaborative session where you will learn by doing. We invite you to bring an issue or idea to work on.

This is an interactive session that aims to not only introduce or reinforce the concepts of design thinking and human-centered design through a lens of cross-role, cross-departmental, and even cross-organizational collaboration, but gives participants a chance to try out and play with the techniques. The topics covered and participatory activities include: advice interviews, problem statement creation, ideation with diverse perspectives, and solution statement creation.

Attendee Skill Level: Attendees would be best suited if they came with an open mind, open to new ideas and processes. Some basic familiarization with innovation processes (design-thinking, human-centered design, etc) could be helpful, but not necessary.

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Presented By

Justin Lee

Justin Lee

Justin Lee is the Design Lead for the Center for Academic Innovation, as well as Lead Media Designer, at Capella University. With nearly two decades of experience as a graphic and web designer, and as a self-proclaimed experimenter, stretching his creative muscles and trying new things is commonplace for Justin.

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Bryan Kujawski

Bryan Kujawski is the Director of the Center for Academic Innovation at Capella University. With a strong passion for all things innovation, he brings his background in Experiential Learning to innovation, giving people the opportunity and support in getting their hands dirty. Bryan has presented and led innovation workshops many times, including a recurring spot at Hennepin County’s Innovation & Technology Expo, GeoCode 2.0, and the Games+Learning+Society Conference.