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The Already Augmented and Virtually Real

Keynote scheduled at 12:30-1:20 in Memorial Hall

What happens when technology and the imaginary, and all its biases collide to create the newest form of digital innovation? In this talk Dr. Jade E. Davis explores why progression that seems forward thinking based solely on technology will perpetually increase the distance between people by design. Focusing on two of the most anticipated digital technologies in recent memory—virtual and augmented reality—she will examine who digital media forget, leave behind, and push forward. She will also discuss why it’s important to close these gaps if we want to move forward as a society.

This year, you can watch the keynote address on our YouTube live stream!

Presented By

Jade E. Davis

Photo: Jade E. Davis

Dr. Jade E. Davis spends a lot of time thinking about how tech becomes invisible in everyday life and how it affects intrahuman interaction. She is fascinated by the accident built into, erasure caused by, and imaginary world of emerging technologies and how they recreate cultural biases. Her research focuses on questions of multi-generational trauma and crisis and the stories we’ve inherited through technology in the digital age. In her day to day life she works on bringing technology into formal learning spaces as ethically and equitably as possible. Her talks, featured most notably at Theorizing the Web, combine the traditional talk format with play and performance. Her work on digital media in higher education has been featured on the Digital Media and Learning Central blog.