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You Can Do This. Web Accessibility Testing for Everyone.

Session scheduled at 10:30-11:20 in Room 2 (Swain)

Visit the site with materials from this session.

The first step in building or maintaining an accessible web site or application is identifying accessibility issues. Yet accessibility testing is something that feels overly complicated, requires special expertise, or is time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be. Really. Come find out how.

In this session, we will demonstrate simple checks for accessibility that can be easily integrated into your web development process including the use of free easy-to-use tools. In addition we will discuss what types of checks should be done at certain points while developing or updating a web site or application to catch a majority of web accessibility issues.

Getting into the habit of checking or web accessibility, like all good habits, can be hard. Checking for accessibility doesn’t do a lot of good unless you check often, so we will discuss possible tactics you and your team can take to insure accessibility is checked for over the long run.

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Perform simple accessibility tests
  • Describe when accessibility tests should be performed
  • Describe some common testing tools
  • Describe some common accessibility issues
  • Tactics for encouraging continued accessibility testing

Attendee skill level: Introduction. This session is aimed at members of a web development team, both technical and non-technical, who want to feel empowered to find accessibility problems.

Presented By

Kimberly Doberstein

Kim Doberstein is honored to work at the University of Minnesota as a web developer. Kim’s career journey has been a true adventure including the roles of: high school science teacher, teacher trainer, college instructor, technology assessment and integration specialist, project manager, analyst, web designer/developer, web accessibility specialist, information architect, web user experience specialist, and a Girl Scout horse camp assistant director.

From her first JavaScript generated “hello world” over 15 years ago, she has developed a passion for creating easy to use, interactive, standards compliant, maintainable web sites/applications.   She is especially interested how we can design websites for all of our users.

When not slinging HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or other code, she is an active yogini, enjoys outdoor photography, and is usually found giggling with her daughters.