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2018 Sessions

Give Your AI a 3D Home on the Web

Workshop presented by Terrance Schubring, Lori L. Lorenz

Help I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up: Tackling Vertigo in VR

Session presented by Martha Megarry, Henry Megarry

Introduction to VR/AR/AI – Terms, Technology, and History

Session presented by Terrance Schubring

Machines + Humans: Marketing AI’s Real-World Impacts

Session presented by Andrew Eklund, Kristen Findley

Marketing AI: How to Build a Keyword Ontology

Workshop presented by James Mathewson, Michael Priestley, Dan Segal

Practical Frameworks For A Voice-Enabled Future

Session presented by James Squires

Rethinking UX for AI-driven tools

Session presented by Stephen Boak

Sometime to Return

Keynote presented by Molly Wright Steenson

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